Master in design

Designers create products, services and systems, changing the way we experience the world around us. As a designer, you can help to shape everything from high-speed trains to mobile apps, the flow of an emergency room, or the experiences of future media. A Master degree from the Oslo School of Architecture & Design gives you the knowledge and tools to create, challenge and surprise, across everyday life, industry, and technology.

The Institute of Design at AHO has a broad approach to the design profession that includes products, services and interactive experiences. The program brings together aesthetics and technology, creativity and design methods, culture and research. The programme has roots in Industrial Design, but today also includes Interaction DesignService Design and Systems-oriented design.



  • Hilde Dybdahl Johannessen. Consultant and Interaction designer.

    “Design education does something very rare in the realm of academia. It promotes the concept of failing forward. Of learning primarily through all the things that didn’t work. However scary this might sound, it gives you the insight that you don´t always know where you’re going, but equips you with the tools to cope with all the different situations you’re bound to to get into. Design education gave me the courage to apply for a job I wasn’t formally qualified for, and fortunately (since I got the job) it also provided me with the ability to learn fast.”



The program, school and admission


Master in Design at AHO is one of Norway’s leading design programmes.


The application deadline for admission to the master’s level is 1 April.

Student life

AHO is located in central Oslo with great facilities and inspiring surroundings.

Industrial design

Industrial design is about designing physical products with good use qualities.

Interaction design

Interaction design is about how we use and experience technology.

Service Design

Service Design is about designing, planning and organising services that create great user experiences.