Sound sight is a project by Renata Mikalauskaite how interaction design is used to visualize sound and acoustics. This is one of many examples of screen design and development of new interfaces is an increasingly important part of the design profession. Here is an excerpt from the project description:

There is currently little attention devoted to sound dimension in contrast to the attention for the visual and other dimensions of place. And there is much we still do not know about acoustic environments: how to properly measure people’s experience; visual interactions; or the role of listening states—analytical listening versus distracted listening, for example. The core of Sound Sight  is to offer a detailed overview of personal acoustic environments.

Sound Sight is a location-based service that measures personal sound exposure levels and creates a detailed visual representation of everyday sonic experiences where analysed sound data is communicated to the user through different information visualisations.

Sound Sight won the award for Interaction Design at AHO WORKS exhibition in 2012, awarded by Making Waves.

Sound Sight

Renata Mikalauskaite

Diplom 2012