Master in Design at AHO is one of Norway’s leading design programmes.

At AHO we have a broad approach to the design profession and we educate designers who work with physical products, services and interactive experiences. The programme is composed of a foundation education of three years followed by a two year master education.

The first three years provides an introduction to foundational knowledge of design and inspiration for the different directions you might take. You learn the practical skills to master form, tools and materials, and expand your knowledge of methods and theories. Here students meet concept development, creative methods and different approaches to the design process. Students sketch, create models and prototypes, and develop their communicative practice through visual and verbal presentations and critique.

At the master’s level students meet more complex and independent projects, often in collaboration with industry or research projects. Here, students can choose to specialize in the various directions Industridesign, Interaksjonsdesign and Tjenestedesign.

For students with bachelor’s degree or equivalent in design it is possible to apply for admission directly to the master’s level (4th year)

AHO is a public university institution and does not require a tuition fee and all Masters level courses are conducted in English.

Employment opportunities

Design practice constantly evolves, both nationally and internationally. Designers often work at the forefront of new technologies, new markets and new cultural and social challenges. This requires creativity and innovation, alongside a solid knowledge of the design profession. With a Masters in Design from AHO are you prepared to meet these challenges both today and in the future.

A Master in design opens up for many different careers. Many designers work for design agencies, consulting companies, working in product, project and design management. Many graduates work freelance, as product developers in business, or public services, or they use their design skills as a starting point for entrepreneurship and kickstart new products themselves. Graduates with specialization in interaction and service design are also attractive to IT consultancies, game developers and in the service sector.

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