VVOOD er et prosjekt av Siri Yran om å utforske og synliggjøre kvaliteter og muligheter ved forskjellige norske treslag. Her er et uttdrag fra Siris prosjektbeskrivelse:

VVOOD was carried out as a practical assignment with hands-on experiments and visualisations that led to the development of three products. The project suggests categories for wooden properties via three products that focus on different aspects of wood as design material:

SKOGEN (Forest) is a material library that shows a selection of woods. The pieces are untreated and labeled with basic information about each species. The user can smell, feel, touch and experience the woods in their hands.

FLYT (Float) is a series of turned bowls that highlight the density, weight, natural colour and structure of the different woods. Wood is well-suited for surface treatment.

STERK (Strong) is a series of shelves with shelf brackets and shows that wood is a well-suited material for construction, but that different woods have different strengths.

The project aims to communicate and demonstrate the material properties and qualities through products, showing differences of the various Norwegian wooden species. It is meant not to give a complete description of wood, nor work as a dictionary of history and tradition, but rather suggest use and inspire.

Prosjektet VVOOD har fått bred medieomtale og var blant annet vinner av BONYTTs pris for form og uttrykk ved utstillingen AHO WORKS 2012.


Siri Yran

Diplom 2012


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